À La Crisp


Yin and Yang

I’m his Yin and he’s my Yang. Contrary forces are actually complementary and interconnected.  They give rise to each other such as light and dark, solids and patterns or opaque and sheer fabrics. This is reflected not only in our setting but in our outfits as well.

I decided to wear my beloved burnt orange skirt with a high slit to go with my Corvid Blue tank top. I dressed it up with my favorite pair of Chelsea boots to complete the look.  If you're ever looking for a complimentary colour to match a top or bottom, look to the opposite colour on the colour wheel to really make them stand out.

The sunlight brightened Chris’ entire outfit, which created a warm summer feel in each photo. He looked pretty fresh in a duck camouflage button-up shirt, paired it with solid joggers and desert boots.  This mix of solid and pattern with similar tones ties the whole look together.

Photography: À La Crisp