À La Crisp


Who Wore It Better?

Our go-to clothing colors of choice are black, white or a combination of both. They simply deliver a clean and crisp look to our outfits. By adding something as simple as stripes - dimension, texture, and visual interests are added to your appearance. Pinstriped bottoms versus horizontal-striped top; I think we both executed this look in our own ways.

Sometimes patterns of any kind can make a girl feel uneasy. It can make you look or feel bigger than you really are. You just need to remember to find the right clothes to fit for your body type. The Nike Sky High sneakers were a great addition to my pinstriped tights and an oversize t-shirt. I felt tall and confident because it helped elongate my 5’4" stature.

The same rules apply to men. Chris wore a horizontal-striped t-shirt that was fitted to compliment his body type. It makes a big difference when you wear clothes that fit well, you’ll not only look good but also feel better. The curved hem finish adds an interesting subtle look that makes it more than just a basic t-shirt. He wore black joggers with all-white Nike Roshe sneakers and topped the whole look off with a Legends League snapback.

Photography: À La Crisp